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Flawless Digital Engagement,
Designed By You, Delivered At Scale

Flawless Digital Engagement left
Flawless Digital Engagement right

Natural Customer Experience via the Koopid Platform

Koopid automates natural digital customer interactions as good as conversations with
your best customer service representatives.

Seamless, natural
  • Design your unique digital experience
  • Koopid orchestrates the conversation
    continually reacting to and
    guiding customers
  • Completely automate most complex customer needs
  • Seamlessly transition to agents in your contact center when needed
  • Customers served as well as they
    are by your best agent

No Code Interaction Design Environment

  • Rapid deployment leveraging proven templates
  • Iterate and adapt to changing customer and business needs
  • Your business team controls the conversation

Start delighting your customers today!


All Digital Channels


Elastic Capacity


AI-Powered Platform


Improves & Adapts


What makes Koopid different?

The Koopid Platform integrates to and extends the capabilities of existing contact center investments,
allowing brands to deliver a modern digital experience without a complete technology refresh.


Our Partners

The Koopid platform modernizes existing contact center platforms and is integral to enterprise customer experience solutions. Koopid works closely with platform and solution provider partners to deliver modern customer journeys for the most valuable brands across the globe.