Changing the Rules of the Game with Koopid

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 | by: Koopid

In the fourth part of our series, we will talk to Dr. Venky Krishnaswamy about the benefits Koopid brings to the contact center and how it is changing the game in the contact center.

This Q&A is taken from the video transcript of Meet Venky Krishnaswamy, CEO of Koopid.

Help bring Koopid to life by sharing some use cases and the benefits companies will receive.

What's been both gratifying and challenging in different ways is that we set out to build a platform that would change the rules of the game. We believed in our pursuit for one specific reason, which is that every customer we talked to had something they wanted to achieve with their existing technology stack that they couldn’t figure out. So they just lived with it, not knowing that there was a better way to approach their use case with Koopid. We’ve spent a lot of time with different companies, in different verticals talking about the outcomes they are hoping to achieve. More often than not, we can quickly proto-type their specific use case right on a video call. It is really gratifying to realize the customer is having an A-HA! moment and it's because of the flexibility of our platform.

On the flip side, it is challenging because we don’t want to be everything to everybody, we want to focus on specific use cases that are essential to deliver from a market perspective. As a technology, we want to build a platform that is more capable than anything else on the market, but as a business, we want to be focused in a few areas where the need is great and where we can build a motion to sell the product and get it in our customer’s hands.

I may be just a little bit biased when I say Koopid is incredibly powerful, but the reality is I haven’t seen anything quite like it in the market today. From a go-to-market perspective we are engaged in narrowing down the scope of what we tell the market we can do, in order to build some momentum. In that spirit, we're focusing on contact centers. We strongly believe there's an immediate need for Koopid especially post-COVID when the majority of interactions will still require human interactions. 

When you look at contact center infrastructure, a majority of it is still on-premise and a vast majority run on some amount of legacy technology that is hard to remove or replace. There is a great need and a great opportunity to say, keep what is working, add a layer which will simplify the adoption of these new capabilities. You can reduce the use of what you have, it still works but you can reduce the use because it belongs to an older paradigm. Its use is going to decrease as you seamlessly move to this new paradigm of digital AI and smart customer experiences with a focus on the customer's journey. That is why we're focusing on contact center transformation, especially where we can deliver immediate value to a business who may have a legacy infrastructure that they cannot easily replace.

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