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Digital-First, Automated Customer Journeys: Good for Customers, Critical for Brands

Thursday, May 6, 2021 | by: Koopid

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the customer journey, altering how people connect with brands, execute transactions and access services. 

In our new reality, virtual touchpoints are safer and typically more available and efficient than in-person touchpoints. This has prompted customers to use digital channels more often and, as their confidence grows, explore new avenues they perhaps hadn’t even considered before.   

One key development, partially due to congestion in the traditional contact center, is the growing demand for self-service. According to the Gartner CIO Agenda 2021, 65% of CIOs saw an upsurge in the use of self-service during 2020, and 79% expect that to increase in 2021. 

As more customers embark on digital journeys, there’s a compelling opportunity—as well as an urgent need—to invest in digital-first customer experiences. 

Rethink your contact center

While voice will always play a role in customer service, it’s time to plan beyond an expensive and fragile reliance on voice-based service delivery. 

When you create a situation where customers have no choice but to defer to your voice channel for service, you end up with higher-then-manageable call volumes, overloaded agents and frustrated customers. 

With the progressive automation and AI technology available today, it’s possible to serve customers efficiently and well, when and where they need you—whether this be on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, SMS, your website, your mobile app or your phone channel. 

The caveat, of course, is that you have to get your automated and AI-orchestrated interactions right on all contact channels, so you can offer your customers a frictionless and fulfilling experience on their digital platform of choice, while liberating your agents for your most valuable conversations. 

The better you meet customers’ needs at their initial point of contact, the better your service levels are for all customers, across all channels. On the other hand, if the experience is inconsistent and fragmented, forcing customers to repeat information over and over again or move reluctantly into the phone queue, the consequences will be dire. You’ll weigh down your contact center resources and increase your customer attrition rate. 

Are you ready to capture the opportunity for change?

The good news is that you really can improve the quality of service on every channel. At Koopid, we can help you align your contact center with the 2021 digital-first CX mindset, without the need for a complete technology refresh. 

With our scalable AI-driven solutions, you can:

  • Enable immediate self-service for as many cases as possible in the channel of the customer’s choice.  
  • Provide automation for most customer needs.
  • Ensure human assistance is able to join conversations with complete context when necessary.
  • Preserve the context of the conversation across channels and at every stage of the journey. 
  • Reduce the route to resolution time. 
  • Gain maximum value from all your talent and your tech investments.  

With all these pieces in place, you can build trust with customers to continue engaging with you digitally, without leaving the channels in which they feel most comfortable. This gives your organization the opportunity to provide exceptional CX across the board.  

Learn how to build a modern contact center with technology that breaks down interaction silos, consolidates all your contact capabilities, and enables contextual transitions from automation to live agents without frustrating the customer. 

Download a copy of our latest eBook Digital-First, Automated Customer Journeys: Good for Customers, Critical for Brands

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