Five steps for your digital-first contact center strategy

Monday, January 25, 2021 | by: Koopid

An intelligent, digital-first solution can help maximize the benefits of each communication channel by standardizing the information, knowledge and data you deliver across communication channels as well as the processes that customer service agents follow.

To seamlessly serve customers when and where they need you, even when you are delivering customer service at scale requires contact center leaders understanding what outcomes they are solving for.

Here are five steps to help formulate your strategy for a digital-first contact center.

1  Embrace emerging digital channels of support

Being digital-first and having more digital channels gave enterprises a lead in managing customer experience during the pandemic. This experience also highlighted new and emerging channels that got a deluge of support requests. Customers flocked to asynchronous channels like SMS and instant messaging (including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat and Apple Business Chat) for both support and sales interactions. Establishing standard operating procedure and implementing contact center rigor to these channels will keep your business crisis-proof and ubiquitous in your support strategy, while meeting customers’ omnichannel support expectations.

2  Aim for frictionless customer experiences

Fragmented approaches make it impossible to deliver on the promise of effortless, frictionless CX. To prevent disconnected approaches and data from letting customers down, ensure that you define and optimize your strategy, processes, technology and people management policies. Every resource needs to support central CX goals.

3  Strengthen emotional connections

In a world where social contact is limited, customers value personal and meaningful interactions more than ever. Use contextual engagement to strengthen emotional connections with customers. This will not only help reduce effort and operational costs, but also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4  Tap into the benefits of being cloud-native

Our cloud-native architecture supports scalable, flexible, secure and effortless solutions that are fast to deploy, easy to update and capable of powering the next generation of customer engagement and service.

5  Harness the next wave of automation and AI

Rather than viewing automation and AI as a way to remove costs, contact centers must approach these technologies as the key to elevating the quality and scale of their customer interaction capabilities.

Desktop automation and robotic process automation streamline operations and deliver better experiences, from the front office to the back office or to other sites such as branches. Chatbots can handle repetitive customer questions. These automation techniques free up agents from manual tasks and allow them to concentrate on value-added activities that help strengthen customer relationships.

The Koopid Platform integrates to and extends the capabilities of existing contact center investments, allowing brands to deliver a modern digital experience without a complete technology refresh.

Building software applications can be labor intensive and costly during both implementation and maintenance. This is doubly true for conversational AI projects. With Koopid, you waste no time with fast, easy creation of automated, AI-driven experiences. You can deploy your solutions quickly and iterate frequently, continuing to optimize CX as you go.

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