What’s New in Koopid’s Supervisor Portal

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 | by: Dave Skiba

Contact center managers are under an immense amount of pressure being on the front lines helping customers when they have questions or need help. And there is no doubt it has become even more challenging with the increase in inquiries and the number of channels that are now being supported.

In the latest release of the Koopid platform, we have intentionally focused on how contact center managers can review customer interactions, holistically, in one continuous stream through the Supervisor Portal. Why is this important to you? It means you can view all the agent & customer engagement regardless of what channel they started in to define areas for improvement and identify coaching opportunities for agents in one place.


Streamlining Customer Interaction History 

Historically, contact center managers have had a very difficult time seeing the entire conversation across all channels - digital and human - within one timeline. Koopid provides complete transparency of what has happened in automation, social media, and live agents to create a complete timeline of the customer interaction. This enables you to visualize and search the entire conversation in one dashboard.


This is significantly improved from the previous version of the portal, which only showed the interactions as separate result items, requiring the contact center manager to go to multiple sessions to connect the dots across the entire customer experience. The redesigned portal now simplifies and greatly reduces the amount of time and effort required to understand the complete interaction by the supervisor


How Contact Center Managers can Take Advantage of the New Portal

Through the redesigned supervisor portal, contact center managers can quickly and easily dive into agent and customer interactions to see where there are opportunities for coaching, analyze inefficiencies across channels, and investigate potential issues in real-time.

Two use cases:

  1. Investigating issues. The intuitive interface allows supervisors to review the complete customer to agent conversation by simply selecting the additional channels they want to add to the visual timeline - chatbot, SMS, social media, etc.. This enables the supervisor to see what the customer was doing in a specific channel before they were transferred to an agent. The searching by business identity, the supervisor can see all the conversations with this particular customer, useful with repeat customers over time.

  2. Agent coaching opportunities. By having complete transparency into the customer journey, the call center manager can review each facet of the customer’s interaction in digital channels as well as the customer to agent interaction. Having a holistic view of the entire interaction allows the supervisor to take proactive steps to coach the agent to better deliver on customer expectations.

The Vision & Future of Koopid’s Supervisor Portal

The supervisor portal user experience is a high priority for Koopid because being able to get information quickly, and in real-time is key to a contact center manager's success.

In an upcoming release, we will enable supervisors to review all session activity, all media types, and see in process and live sessions in one timeline. This information will also be made more searchable and discoverable by the contact center manager - giving them the ability to drill down into the information based on specific analysis attributes of the conversation. 

Having all of the conversations and interactions in one place will reduce time and effort for the contact center manager to understand the complete customer journey and make changes based on the diagnosis or root cause of the issue. Ultimately, we believe to deliver a powerful customer experience, there needs to be transparency throughout the customer journey, which is why we want to give brands the opportunity to review all sessions of customers and agents.


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