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The Power of Koopid’s Sentiment Visualizations

Monday, April 26, 2021 | by: Dave Skiba

Did you know that, on average, around 98% of contact center interactions go unmonitored or unreviewed. Remote work has only exacerbated this problem, as contact center managers are not able to walk the floor, listen in on calls, and get a general feel for the quality of interactions - both digital and human - that are taking place in their contact center. 

These gaps create massive barriers for the call center in understanding the complete customer journey, which is why in our latest release (v 5.41) we have put a lot of engineering resources into how to transform ability to identify and understand performance, quality, and regulatory risks in your organization through session sentiment visualizations.


What’s New on the Koopid Dashboard

We’re excited to roll out three new visualizations for sentiment analysis. 

  1. Customer Interaction Sentiment

  1. Live Agent Interaction Sentiment

  1. Customer and Live Agent Sentiment Trends

These visualizations can be accessed on your default dashboard now.

The Value of Sentiment Visualizations 

Sentiment analysis is an early indicator that something is amiss and pinpoint nagging issues in the contact center that may not have been bubbled up previously.  As a contact center manager, if you don’t receive these signals you risk never getting them or getting them so late in the game, you can’t reverse course to improve the customer experience. It is vital to have visibility into both positive and negative interactions as well as how agents are handling these scenarios.

How you can Benefit from Koopid Sentiment Visualizations:

  • Review the sentiment balance of your agents and customers.
  • Objectively score interactions with industry-leading, AI language processing for thorough and scalable analysis.
  • Manage daily, weekly, monthly changes in sentiment behavior of customers and live agents. Adjust training and guidance accordingly. Review increases in negative customer interactions to spot potential trending issues.
  • Adjust automation and routing to accommodate sentiment based decisions.

Why Sentiment Visualizations are the Cornerstone for your CX

Sentiment analysis has powerful applications in contact centers and can be used to assess the nature of customer comments in phone calls, social media, text messages, emails, and chatbot sessions. These contacts can be routed based on customer sentiment to, for example, agents that are good at soothing angry customers. Additionally, sentiment scores can be applied to help identify both best practices and coaching opportunities. When paired with other customer experience measures, such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS), sentiment analysis results can also help provide a more holistic view of what customers think and feel.

With the increase of customer inquiries, across various channels, the contact center needs to be able to identify if the new channels and increase in inquiries is impacting sentiment, good or bad. With Koopid, contact center managers can sort changes by date to better understand the impact on the customer experience and how to prioritize fixes. 

Sentiment can also provide contact center managers transparency related to how their agents are handling customer interactions. Having the ability to audit agent activity during a specific time frame enables managers to pinpoint areas where agents may need additional training to handle customer interactions more effectively. It is important to avoid being blindsided by issues, with sentiment, managers can reduce the potential of being blindsided by bubbling areas of automation that aren’t working as expected.  

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The Vision & Future of Koopid Sentiment Visualizations

Sentiment is one of the key statistics for contact center managers to stay on top of what is happening. Sentiment drives CSAT scores and helps uncover the root cause of the problem. Visualizing for managers and agents is super important for the modern contact center.

In upcoming releases, organizations will be able to drill down into the specific conversations making up the sentiment trends visualizations. In addition, upcoming agent desktop enhancements will enable agents to monitor and gauge customer sentiment through the lifetime of interactions and their own behavior.

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