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Koopid Enables Brands To Naturally Engage Its Customers

Flawless Digital Engagement, Designed by You and Delivered at Scale

Koopid enables brands to naturally engage its customers where and when they wish. We help brands rapidly lift the quality and scale of their customer interaction capabilities through AI-powered orchestration of customer conversations.

The path to delivering better digital experience outcomes







Contact centers, too often, are dealing with interactions waiting in queue. By connecting automation to internal resources and agents and improving the quality of automation, brands can better allocate their human resources to high potential/risk conversations. Koopid enables companies to deliver on automation across all channels — so they can have impactful live conversations when necessary or desired.

What Makes Koopid Different

Koopid leaders are veterans of the customer experience industry, which informs the solutions we bring to market, aimed to solve the significant challenges of delighting modern consumers across digital channels.

Koopid provides complete digital solutions that:

  • guide consumers through complex and unknown processes
  • accurately connect consumers to the resources they need
  • seamlessly connect agents to consumers at digital channels to achieve superior outcomes

The Koopid Platform is designed to be operated by customer experience professionals in a code-free environment — using existing contact center technology, thus allowing brands to deliver a modern digital experience without a complete technology refresh.

Benefits of Koopid

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Deliver a seamless customer experience

  • Deliver a modern, effective customer experience across all digital channels
  • Proactively guide customers through both simple and complex processes
  • Always be there when your customers need assistance
  • Build a digital-first customer experience that mirrors your brand and service promise

Continuously improve performance

  • Analyze and discover the reasons customers need assistance and how well you are meeting their needs
  • Continually improve and adapt the digital customer experience
Deliver at scale using the power of AI

Deliver at scale using the power of AI

  • Completely or partially automate customer interactions using AI
  • Dramatically and instantly scale your ability to serve your customers
Reduce costs and maximize resources

Reduce costs and maximize resources

  • Continue to utilize your existing customer service infrastructure
  • Reserve your best people for the most valuable customer conversations
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of service

Our Team

Dr. Venky Krishnaswamy

Co-Founder | CEO

Dr. Ramanujan Kashi

Co-Founder | VP
of Business Development

Dan Nordale

Chief Revenue Officer

Dr. Vijay Raman

Chief Product Officer

Dave Skiba

VP of Products

Dr. Shalini Yajnik

Head of Engineering

Dr. Ajita John

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Jaimon Jose

Head of Cloud and
Identity Infrastructure