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Start serving customers in a matter of days via their social channel of choice

Your customers want you on social, so GO for it!

Get started today serving your customers in their favorite channel. Koopid GO is the go-to solution for rapid setup and scaling of your social CX on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter + SMS.

With Koopid GO, you can:


Engage consumers in a company branded social channel of their choice


Greet customers, determine their need and answer common questions


Deliver better CX and increase productivity by automating information collection from customers so they are routed to appropriate agents


Ready your customer service organization for rapid adoption of complete automation in the future

With Koopid GO, you receive:


Connection to a single social messaging channel and to SMS


Scalable Customer Experiences


Koopid Agent Desktop

Koopid GO EssentialsTM Add-Ins


Contact Collect

Collect information from a customer and send to CRM systems

  • Collect common contact information from customers through efficient Koopid UI widgets. Name, email, phone, address, title, company, location, and other standard data entry items are available to use. Prompt only for those needed by your business.
  • Collect other structured and unstructured items from customers such as account numbers, product numbers, product names, etc.
  • Gather all the information and push to popular CRM systems like SFDC, Hubspot, Freshworks, and many others.
  • Leverage collected information when transferring to an agent or advanced workflow steps.
  • All configurable in minutes through the Koopid Platform Portal.


Make an appointment updating backend calendars

  • Allow customers to select days/times and topics for scheduling with your business through an easy to use calendar interface in your messaging channel.
  • Use to setup appointments, service calls, deliveries, or even callbacks at a later time.
  • Link scheduling to common calendar platforms.
  • Manage types of calendars and availability events.
  • Configure options from the Koopid Platform Portal.


Solicit feedback from customers about products or services

  • Select when and where to deliver surveys to your customer: after a session with customer service, through a separate notification, or even during the session.
  • Select from common survey questions or add your own.
  • Protect customer data through secure connection to your payment processor.


Receive payments from a customer leveraging 3rd party payment processing systems

  • Make secure payments through integration with popular systems.
  • Protect customer data through secure connection to your payment processor.


Click to call into a voice or video channel

  • Connect with customers through realtime voice and video channels.
  • Intiate calls through voice telephony, webRTC voice and video, or meeting bridge services.
  • Collect customer details, need and other key details to connect to the best available agent.
  • Dynamically determine and select the destination of the call.

What makes Koopid GO different?

  • Immediately serve customers via social channels and SMS
  • Add channels and capabilities to your customer service as your digital CX needs grow
  • Expand automation and integrate to your existing contact center when ready

Easy to Deploy, Manage, Iterate and Scale

Koopid GO is designed for rapid deployment, frequent and simple iteration of the design and natural language capabilities, and tremendous scale through large-scale public cloud deployments, multi-tenancy and end-to-end security.

The Koopid portal and management console provide easy management of the customer conversation, ongoing performance monitoring, access to the Koopid design environment, and dialog management tools.

Efficient agent application, designed with the modern customer experience in mind