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Natural Conversations Orchestrated By The Koopid AI Platform

Natural Customer Experience via the Koopid Platform

Koopid automates natural digital customer interactions as good as conversations with
your best customer service representatives.

Seamless, natural
  • Design your unique digital experience
  • Koopid orchestrates the conversation
    continually reacting to and
    guiding customers
  • Completely automate most complex customer needs
  • Seamlessly transition to agents in your contact center when needed
  • Customers served as well as they
    are by your best agent

The Benefits of Koopid AI

The Koopid customer experience platform allows brands to deliver a modern, connected customer experience within and across all digital channels - with easy and speedy implementation.

Your customers will confidently start conversations in any channel, knowing they are interacting with your best representative that will quickly and completely resolve their need, or seamlessly guide them to the best human representative to assist them — without having to repeat anything.

  • Engage and serve customers where they are, in their channel of choice
  • Guide customers through completing transactions
  • Analyze outcomes and continually tune to adapt and improve
  • Enable new customer experiences rapidly and cost effectively
  • Simple and powerful determination of intent
  • Deliver the best resource to the customer in their channel of choice
  • Content + Continuity + Resolution = Customer Delight
  • No-code tools + pre-integrated + extend current infrastructure

Uniquely powerful AI-powered conversational platform

  • Orchestrates all conversations across all digital channels
  • Maintains key context surrounding each conversation - no knowledge is lost throughout the life of a conversation
  • Koopid AI determines the intent of customers and determines the flow of the conversation, reacting to what is expressed and the larger context of the customer

Design the conversation once and engage where your customers need you

  • Koopid delivers consistent conversations in all digital channels
  • Allows your website to completely serve customers needs
  • Use SMS to engage all customers with a message you know they will receive
  • Engage the full potential of social channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram
  • Guide customers to the best channel to meet their needs more efficiently

Design matters: Brand building digital engagement

  • Koopid was built to allow you to deliver the perfect interface for your customers
  • Agents leverage the powerful Koopid desktop or their current contact center application
  • Integrated bot and human assisted service that seamlessly transitions conversations, allowing agents to easily pick up where your bots handoff

Connected and capable

  • Clone your best contact center agent, over and over again
  • Fully automated service, capable of handling complex customers needs
  • Always available, the way your customers want to be served
  • Easily connected to enterprise systems
  • Advanced security and privacy controls

Continually improve and adapt your conversations to meet customer expectations now and an the future

  • Easily iterate and adapt to changing customer and business needs
  • Your business team controls the conversation
  • Optimize customer journeys using built in AI algorithms

Your best agent for your most valuable conversations

  • Clone your best contact center agent, over and over again
  • Koopid AI identifies conversations to transition to human assistance
  • By automating both routine and complex customer needs, your human agents are reserved for when they can really make a difference