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Creating Seamless
Experiences Across
Channels with Koopid

No Code Conversational Design Environment

  • Rapid deployment leveraging proven templates
  • Iterate and adapt to changing customer and business needs
  • Your business team controls the conversation

Start delighting your customers in just a few days.


All Digital Channels


Elastic Capacity


AI-Powered Platform


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The Benefits of Koopid AI

Rapidly implement one of Koopid’s unique technology solutions to deliver extraordinary experiences. From increasing efficiency and reach to improving CX quality, we have solutions to help you solve your biggest customer service challenges today.

Your customers will confidently start conversations in any channel, knowing they are interacting with your best representative that will quickly and completely resolve their need, or seamless guide them to the best human representative to assist them — without having to repeat anything.

  • Engage and serve customers where they are, in their channel of choice
  • Guide consumers through completing transactions
  • Analyze outcomes and continually tune to adapt and improve
  • Enable new consumer experiences rapidly and cost effectively
  • Simple and powerful determination of intent
  • Deliver the best resource to the customer in their channel of choice
  • Content + Continuity + Resolution = Customer Delight
  • No-code tools + pre-integrated + extend current infrastructure
Customer Choice

Incredibly simple

Shortened Wait

Incredibly agile

Better Experience

Incredibly smart

Consumers Energy
Voice to Messaging

Fast-track service for your customers with instant access to help in the channel of their choice.

Mashreq Bank
WhatsApp Service

Tap into a network of over two billion WhatsApp users in 180+ countries to elevate your customer experience.

Mashreq Bank
Koopid Digital Agent

Engage customers via any digital channel and seamlessly transition to live agents with entire conversation context.

Mashreq Bank
Smart Notifications

Proactively notify, interact and serve customers in their messaging channel of choice.